Redondo Beat with Hazy Eyed Lights
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Redondo Beat

Ages 18+
Redondo Beat with Hazy Eyed Lights at Proud Larry's

Proud Larry's Presents...

Redondo Beat (New Orleans via Germany)

Hailing from a little village close to Gelnhausen, Germany (where the Monks were stationed as GIs and the Ronettes played their last show), Roman Aul has been performing as Redondo Beat since the late 90s. Three full length albums and several 45s have been released featuring songs like “Sharlene”, “Full Moon Child” or “The Spell I’m Under”.

While working mostly alone in his home studio, Aul always had a real rock ‘n’ roll band backing him on stage, touring Europe and the USA extensively. Redondo Beat got to open up for the Monks and tour throughout Europe as Sky Saxon’s (of The Seeds) backing band for a month in 2008, on what would turn out to be Sky’s last tour.

Within the last few years, Aul has spent most of his time in his Living Room Sounds studio, producing “other” artists, or with his “other” band “Roman and the Rosarys” (who recorded their debut album with Jim Diamond).

A new album, Redondo Beat’s 4th, is getting it’s final touches and will hopefully be out soon.

Meanwhile Aul relocated to New Orleans and is currently playing with Mitch Palmer (Haunted Hearts), Tom Oliver (Royal Pendletons) and Steve Calandra (Morning 40 Federation).

Hazy Eyed Lights (Oxford, MS)

Hazy Eyed Lights is a new musical entity from Oxford, MS. They have a debut self titled EP available wherever music is streamed.

Venue Information:
Proud Larry's
211 South Lamar Blvd
Oxford, MS, 38655