Cloud Nothings with Bonus and Small Jaw
Proud Larry's Presents...

Cloud Nothings

Ages 18+
Cloud Nothings with Bonus and Small Jaw at Proud Larry's

Proud Larry's Presents...

Cloud Nothings

For a band that sticks to its impulses instead of trends, Cloud Nothings accumulates critical praise and loyal fans with the type of ease modern rock bands can only dream of. That’s because the Cleveland four-piece is the byproduct of Dylan Baldi, a frontman whose melodic intuition and musical fervor are as innate as they are impressive. Baldi’s early indie rock songs welcome pop warmly without sounding trite. His later alt-rock hooks are too busy criss-crossing guitar lines to overthink things. The urgency he writes with comes across in the vividness of his guitar. Since expanding his solo project into a proper band, Baldi has positioned Cloud Nothings as the torchbearers of the frenetic, visceral, and thundering rock of bands like The Wipers and Drive Like Jehu. It’s all alternating resolves and anticipated breakdowns. And live, it’s near impossible to dispute talent that palpable. Looking back, it makes sense how Cloud Nothings got here. At the age of 18, Baldi gained attention after a string of lo-fi songs he recorded in the comfort of his basement began circulating online. It landed him a spot on a buzzed-about show in Brooklyn where, in turn, he caught the eyes of Carpark. His music began its upward ascent immediately. In 2010, Carpark released Turning On, a retrospective combo of the band’s debut EP and various 7” singles. Cloud Nothings unveiled their self-titled LP the following year, a record that showcased how crisp Baldi’s hooks sound when given proper studio time. But what followed in 2012, their breakthrough LP Attack on Memory, paved a new path for the band. The album saw Baldi throw himself into his guitar while collaborating with the rest of his touring band—drummer Jayson Gerycz, bassist TJ Duke, and guitarist Joe Boyer—to create an aggressive, unrelenting, and throat-scratching album that captured not just their sound, but their collective raw energy. Cloud Nothings fleshed out that sound further on 2014’s Here and Nowhere Else, this time as a trio after Boyer’s departure. Even when Baldi, in a decision to feed his quiet fondness for pop, used 2017’s Life Without Sound to showcase his melodic inclinations, he showed a continued growth in his songwriting skills. Cloud Nothings fold all of that forward momentum into their newest record, Last Building Burning. Just over half an hour in length, the album is a singular listen designed to mirror the experience of their live shows. Gerycz and Duke propel the rhythm section with their fastest speed to date. Baldi and guitarist Chris Brown reshape converging guitar parts into double-edged swords, reaching beyond power chords for instantly pleasing riffs that are urgent in delivery. Though the record touches on various sounds of the band’s past—“Another Way Of Life” digs its toes into the harmonies of Life Without Sound and “On An Edge” recalls the blistering peaks of Here and Nowhere Else—it showcases how untouchable the band has become. Cloud Nothings are a permanent staple of what rock music should sound like: gritty, caustic, and tireless. In that, almost a decade into their career, Cloud Nothings have become a reference point for budding rock acts while perpetually looking to outdo themselves as they go.


Bonus is the recording project of Oxford, Mississppi's Kieran Danielson, a Mississippi native originally from the coast. Since moving to Oxford for school in 2011, Danielson has found himself embedded in the close-knit music scene of Oxford, playing in a number of bands over the last couple of years (Kate Teague, Starman Jr.,NERVS, & Graham). As Bonus, Danielson creates bedroom-spun melancolic pop songs.

In the summer of 2015, Danielson recorded Bonus I, which was subsequently released on a small cassette label based in New Orleans. Since then, Bonus has opened for bands like (Sandy) Alex G, Julien Baker, Mitski, Elvis Depressedly and more. In an effort to step away from the isolation of recording alone in his bedroom, II was recorded with friend and bandmate Adam Porter (Guitar), at his house in Oxford. II was the first release on Muscle Beach Records, a newly formed label started by Danielson, Porter and another friend.

The third Bonus album, III, was recorded in Water Valley, MS at Dial Back Sound by Bronson Tew & Will McCarley and was mixed & mastered by Clay Jones in Pete's Room in Oxford. III is also available via Muscle Beach Records.

The newest album, IIII, will be released on February 14th, 2020 on Muscle Beach Records. Recorded at Delta Sonic Sound in Memphis,TN by Clay Jones, IIII is Bonus at its most dopest.

Small Jaw (Oxford, MS)

Venue Information:
Proud Larry's
211 South Lamar Blvd
Oxford, MS, 38655